Saturday, 25 May 2013

I love you.... but I hate you.

Today we are moving out of our home.  It has been my home for 12 years.

I didn't think I would feel anything but as the demolition day approaches I have an urge to protect my home ~ my heart is screaming 'cancel the demo', my brain is reminding me of all the reasons why I'm doing this.

I love you because you are our first home.
I hate you because you are beyond repair.
I love you because I brought my babies home to you.
I hate you because we have outgrown you.
I love you because my memories are engraved in every part of you.
I hate you because at times you are the reason for my desperation.
I love you because you are home.
I hate you because you allow mold to live within your walls {and even though I've tried everything to eradicate it, you keep allowing it to come back}.
I love you in Summer.
I hate you in Winter.

So, even though I have a love/hate relationship with you, my heart will still crack a little and no doubt a tear will fall when the walls come down, you have held our family, stored our memories, and tried to keep us safe, you're just too old to keep us healthy, we can't keep fixing you.  You served us well, and you will forever live on within the walls of our new home. 

Farewell wee cottage!


  1. Reading this is exactly how i feel about my house

    1. I tried everything over the years to find a way to live in that house, but in the end it beat me, just too small, too old and too many problems.