Electrical Selection

I've been asked a couple of questions relating to my electrical plan.  We decided that we wanted to be handed over a fully operational house when it came to electricals.  I don't have any 'sparkies' in my family and none of my friends are either, so I didn't want to mess around looking for tradies and hoping that I had a good one.  So McDJ got the job.

How many lights did we put in?  How many data points?  How many tv points?

Well to answer all of those questions in one and to give people an idea of what lies ahead of them for their electrical appointment - here is my plan.

It all looks a little crazy doesn't it?

In that crazy little plan lies the following:-

  • Light switches x 24
  • Downlights x 41 (4 of which are dimable in media room)
  • Batton lights x 11
  • Light/Fan x 1
  • Heat/Fan/Light x 2
  • Double power points x 44
  • Single power points x 3
  • Alert Flood/Spot Lights x 4
  • Double outdoor sockets x 3
  • TV Points x 8
  • Pay TV x 1
  • Phone points x 2
  • Data points x 9
  • Antenna x 1
  • Telstra lead in
  • Alarm x 1
  • Upgrade to alarm pad x 1
  • Pet Sensor x 3
  • Motion detector x 1 {I can't remember what this is??}
  • Volume control x 2 {I had to have two because with one you have to have both speakers on at the same time, with 2 I can turn one off.  Don't want the neighbours to have to listen to my music outside when I'm playing it inside... }
  • Ceiling speakers x 2
  • Kitchen island backing x 2 (you need these if you put power points on your island)
  • Typhoon Fan x 1 (in alfresco)

also included we have things for the media room and cabling for internet, wall mount tv package, junction boxes, outdoor power, etc, etc..

Our electrical appointment actually took longer than our colour selections.  I didn't go to my electrical appointment as prepared as I did with my colour selection and believe me when I say it wasn't for the lack of trying to be organised, I just couldn't get my head around what we  needed.  Lots of things came up that I didn't even think of prior to going to the appointment.

All the little red dotted lines that are thrown all over the plan are the connectors to light switches.  You can see we have quite a few 2, 3 & 4 way switches.  I tried to make it easy to turn off lights without having to backtrack through the house.

I also had a little bit of an indulgent moment and made all my light switches and power points slimline...  

And that my friends is my electrical selections...

EDIT: I have been asked a few times how much my electrical selections cost.  I tend not to discuss $$ on the blog, due to how quickly the prices can increase and in some cases decrease.  However, as it is something I get asked a lot I can only give you a rough guide and say that the cost of the above selections was in the region of $16,000 to $18,000. 

However, please note I did my electrical appointment about 10 months ago.  I'm fairly sure the prices would have changed for a lot of things by now. 


  1. Wow, that's an Electrical plan.

    Any chance of a ballpark number on what that cost? I have no idea what Im in for at our Appointment.

  2. Jeff, I have sent you a private message.

  3. Hi Ms Betsy - I am thoroughly enjoying your blog! Thank you so much for sharing... I am adding to my list of "things to ask" from every page you have published! I really appreciate you sharing....and we are going to do the same... so much is left for individuals to find out... and let's face it, we don't know what we don't know!

    I too would love to know the ballpark on your electricals.. I have no idea how much these things are likely to be! TIA - Jayne