Monday, 20 May 2013

Let there be light....

And fans and power points and data points and tv points and the list goes on and on and on....

We had our electrical appointment the other day and as usual anything to do with spending the day at McDonald Jones Colour Studio and spending money makes me a little bit giddy with excitement, they really should have a public health warning for that place.

All jokes aside, we had a good day and I'm very happy with our choices ~ although we are still tweaking a few media options. 

There really isn't anything exciting that I can tell you about an electrical appointment, I mean how exciting are power points and light switches?

We didn't buy anything luxurious, it was a NO to the intercom options, NO to the ducted vacuum, NO to the under floor heating (although I have to say, it was priced quite reasonably, just not required for us.) 

I did get myself some ceiling speakers, but that really was my only luxury – the rest we considered a necessity. 

I upgraded a couple of items, most of my switches/power points I made slimline.  I put fancy ancy ones in the kitchen to blend in with the decor.  I upgraded the control panel for the alarm to a touchpad one, the other one had a pull down cover and with 3 kids it would only be a matter of time before the cover was snapped off.

I have to say I found the electrical appointment a little bit tougher than the colour selection and the fact that we are still pondering over it {late at night} confirms that.  However all that being said and done, I'm excited to see the end of the preparation work....


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