Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Dreams are coming true...

First things first - We did it... We signed our contract!!!  ***applause***

We also signed off on our Landscaping Plan and I'm really pleased with it, we will more than likely tweek it here and there when the time comes but mostly we will stick to the plan and this will give us a good foundation to build on in years to come... 


We found a rental property ~ I think this little project is starting to come together quite nicely ~ Okay remind me I said that when I'm in the middle of moving out of my existing home, I'm not sure I'll be quite so 'chirpy' about the whole situation.

In other news...

Just incase this whole interiors thing isn't quite your thing or you don't spend all your time reading interiors and lifestyle blogs "POTTERY BARN, WEST ELM & WILLIAMS SONOMO OPENED IN AUSTRALIA TODAY" seriously, how could you not know that!!!.  If I happen to have any American readers then I forgive you for not understanding how monumental a moment this is for me.... no more browsing the net and wishing I could get this or that... okay so I'll still be wishing because I won't actually have any money to buy anything, but at least now I can touch it - right!!! {if your an interiors person you know what I'm talking about...}.

Swoon - how could you not... kudos to organised housewife for the pic updates

Unfortunatley I'm a bit pissed that I'm sitting my butt at work right now instead of plodding off to Bondi Junction to have a squizz ~ common sense prevails and I will continue to live in wonder for a few weeks until all the hype has died down and I can go for a browse without having to fight an army of people to get throught the doors {Yes that will be the day I surrender my credit card to my other half, possibly NOT}

Target & Woolies..

Whilst I was out browsing yesterday I noticed that Target and Woolworths (yep the supermarket) are putting on some lovely bowls and plates and fast becoming contenders in the 'cheap and still lovely' category.. as much as I love the owls, they aren't taking up residence with me anytime soon but they are still nice to look at - but I'm having a little bit of a love affair with the black and red.

I had my troops with me {aka children ALL THREE OF THEM} and my patience was shot by the time I was in Woolworths so no pic was taken from there - but trust me they are worth a looksy!

What's your favourite homewares shop?

Miss Betsy xo


  1. Very exciting about your contract... Ours is about 2 weeks away! Are you doing landscaping through mjh?
    You sound like me... Excited about pottery barn haha... I can't wait to check it out next time I'm in Sydney.
    I love oz design and freedoms homewares.

  2. No we aren't doing landscaping through MJH we have a family of keen men who like to play with grass, I'm upgrading them all to gardeners after handover - We do have a professional plan to work off of, will be interesting to see how the end result looks compared to the plan lol