Saturday, 29 June 2013

WARNING: Whinge fest ahead...

Yes, I'm pissed off ~ and that is putting it mildy.

No I'm not pissed off with McDonald Jones they are safe from my rantings.

I'm pisssed off with the whole process.... it is so bloody time consuming.  We are still waiting for building approval from the council, so I won't be sharing any nice photo's of tradies putting up frames or starting bricks for a long time yet.  I'm currently residing in a shitty rental property - no offence to the owner but its shit and he knows it, but it was cheap and I figured I'd only be in it for 6 months, but seeing as we are heading towards nearly 2 months and we haven't even handed over to McDJ yet, I'm guessing my 6 month deadline is out of the window.  I have cabin fever - living in the shitty rental with 3 kids and a dog and its too wet to kick them outside... OMG.

I'm blaming the weather, it has rained consistently for forever {well it feels that way} everything is damp and its impossible to dry anything and my block of land looks like a mud wrestling venue ~ the only thing missing is hot ladies in skimpy bikinis, mmmm now there's a money making idea :-)

Council gave us a modification so its back to the builder, then back to council and again they will probably take their sweet time about finishing the process.  Its just frustrating me no end.

To take my mind off of the delay I went window shopping (read internet shopping) for things we need for the new house, well that was a trip to depression lane if ever there was one... I need to find myself a millionaire, win lotto, or both.  The End Of Financial Year sales are also depressing me.  I keep seeing all of these amazing things and I think "Ooooh I should buy that its a bargain" but I can't because I told myself I wasn't purchasing anything until the house was up so I could get a feel for the place.

Anyone else living in frustration?

Have a whinge here?  I'll listen to you!

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