Thursday, 18 July 2013

Nothing is happening ~ Nada ~ Zilch ~ Not a god damned thing...

We are still here, still waiting... and...waiting...and...waiting...

This building game is really a test of your will.  We obtained 'verbal' building approval over 10 days ago, but verbal means nothing until its in writing and ~ you guessed it, we are waiting for the paperwork.

It's killing me.  I'm probably killing my husband with my incessant nagging about chasing up the documents, but what can I do, I don't do the whole waiting thing very well.

There is a McDJ house being built a stone throw away from me, I've been stalking their build, watching and wishing it was mine and trying to tell myself that I just have to hang in there, that eventually it will be mine.  EVENTUALLY {did I mention I don't do waiting very well...}

I have nothing to share I'm afraid.  Not regarding the build anyway, this is the down period, but I was checking out the blog and I noticed that I've had over 2500 visitors, I thought I should write something, even if its just to say ~ Thanks for popping your head in and checking things out!

I really really want to give you updates but its pointless taking photo's of a block of land.

If anyone has any questions on what the process has been so far or would like to stick their head out of internet land and just say hi... post a comment or a question below, I'd love to answer something {keep me occupied before I go up to council and write the approval myself}.

Betsy xo


  1. I am sorry to hear how frustrating it is for you. :( fingers crossed the paperwork comes through soon!

    I just saw your post on the mjh thread about your electrical. I'd love to know what you got and even roughly how much you spent. I, like you, plan to deck out the entire house with mjh... I just want a completed house!

    1. Hi, I will put a tab in for my electrical...