Saturday, 16 November 2013

I'm still here...

Our gutters and facia were installed during the week and our front step was installed.  Next step is the roof, kinda excited about that, I will be happier knowing that when it rains its not raining inside my house. 

Gutters & Facia

Front Steps

Gutters & Facia from the side

Our first hiccup reared its lovely head.  Did anyone notice it?...   No! Here let me point it out for you {I did cheat a litte, its hard to see in the photo above}.

Look at my front steps
My front steps are too small.  As you can see in the photo below {albeit still not very clearly} they aren't wide enough.

I've put an arrow roughly where they stop in comparison to the front porch. Could be a little dangerous if you aren't looking where you are going, you could be face planting in my driveway.  Here is a close up!

At first when I saw this, I had such a strange reaction.  I thought "Damn I must have missed that, oh well I'll fix it after handover."  So unlike me to just assume I was wrong.  Then I came to my senses and pulled out my plans thinking "There is no way I would have missed that."

I was right, I didn't miss it, it was too short.  However, my site supervisor didn't miss it either.  By the time I was on to it he had already arranged for it to be fixed and the new treads to be delivered.  One step ahead of me, good work Mr SS.

So far so good.  All is going well. 

Now who do I call to arrange for the rain to hold off until my roof is on...?

Ms Betsy xo


  1. house is coming along very nicely! so odd that the concreter would think that's where the steps should finish but thumbs up to your SS who was all over it :-)