Thursday, 21 November 2013

A shower and a hat

Quick one tonight because... well just because - work, sleep you know all those things you need to do and what have you...

Anyway came home yesterday to a roof and came home today to clean bricks.  The pictures will say the rest.

Lovely roof

Clean bricks

Wonder what happens next?


  1. Wow they are moving along nicely I am so excited for you, I can't wait until we are at that stage!
    How did you guys go about tree removal? we have heaps do the demolition people remove the trees and roots or do you get a tree person ? We have a couple of big trees and the rest are shrubs and camellia's which I am thinking of selling to anyone who wants to come and dig them out of the ground (Obviously at a good price). Any advice in this department would be awesome and recommendations for demolition or tree people or when and what to do with council here would be great !
    thanks heaps

    1. Hi Ally, we only had one tree which we removed a few years ago. You will need to check with the council as to whether any of your trees are on their list, if they are you will need to apply to have them removed. I can't recommend a tree person as we used some guy that was going door to door at the time and he did a great job (and quick) but from memory our tree cost about $1500 to get removed - it was a big tree, you can see it in the photo on the blog post where I talk about loving and hating the house. Shrubs and camelias the demolition guys took care of. We used State Demolition, lots of people use them you will probably have seen them around the area. Call them and ask them to come out and give you a quote.