Saturday, 23 February 2013

The most important room...

If you are a man and reading this then I apologise, I am NOT referring to the Media Room {sorry but my husband will likely post on that topic in the near future}.

They say the kitchen is the most important room in the home - all I know is that so far it's been the biggest headache of the home so far.

Colour is my biggest issue.  I've always wanted a white kitchen, but after analysing other colour choices, namely the floor, I'm not sure a white kitchen will work.

Here is what I'm contemplating...

Can you see where my thought process is heading with this?  Mixing up a little of the dark browns with the white benchtops and possibly throwing in a couple of white cupboards {not sure about that yet}. 

Another headache is the lovely build in bin idea - YES! I have lived with plastic bag bins for years so you have no idea how exciting this prospect is ~ however nothing ever seems to be easy when it comes to my choices.  The only area on my island I can put it, is where the microwave is currently positoned to be built in.  This means I need to move my microwave.  The only place I can think to move it to is inside the pantry - anyone have any thoughts on that?  Not sure I like that idea.

All input welcome - post me your thoughts below :-)


  1. Hi

    We wanted a white kitchen but not stark white... so we have gone with a darker wood floor (or you could use the tiles that look like floorboards) and white cupboards and benchtops.
    Microwave space - do you really need the 6 overhead cupboards, if not ask to have the microwave space inserted in place of an overhead cupboard. Or move it over near the under bench oven. Or make sure you get powerpoints in each end of the island bench and you could get a butcher's chopping block or trolley to use as a microwave benchtop at one end. I hope this helps... and good luck with all your choices, enjoy!

    1. Thanks for your comment, I'm still pondering ideas and researching. I'm investing a hell of a lot of time into a bin.... I must be crazy!

    2. Hi we built the milano 2, and we didnt get the under bench bins but we thought about it!

      End of the day the milano 2 really doesnt have much cupboard space we are finding. So cherish that under bench space.

      i wouldnt go as far as putting it in the top bank of cupboards - would ruin the look of the kitchen.

      You can put it above the fridge if you can reach it - it will be very high up though.

      We ended up getting 2 15L bins from officeworks and they fit perfectly side by side under the sink on 1 side of the sink cupboard! Hope this helps.

    3. As much as I love the bin, I'm seriously contemplating putting a bin under the sink. I just can't relocate the microwave anywhere that i'm happy with and I think it would annoy me - no end if I put it in the pantry. Thanks

  2. Hi,

    We recently did colours and we're building a variation of the Havana. We opted for the built in bin... i currently have my bin in the laundry but that's not viable in the new house.
    I had my heart set on the bin and at colours I was advised our under cupboard space wasn't going to be enough (under the island). So, we decided to delete the cutlery drawers and instead have a cutlery drawer above the pot drawers. It's obviously going to be much bigger than a normal cutelry drawer, but it will be handy for rolling pins and ladles etc. We got this type of drawer on either side of the oven. Yay I got my bin. Also, by removing the 'cutelry bank' we saved $100 off the price fo the bin.

  3. Thanks, I think the Havana has a larger island that what I get with the Milano, unfortunately I'm still looking at options but unless I'm happy to move my microwave to either the back wall (where I don't think it will work) or into the pantry (which will definately not work) I have no option but to forego the bin - they say you need to compromise when it comes to building - looks like I've found out what I'll be compromising with...:-(