Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Pre - decor decisions... ahhhh

It's been a crazy few weeks and to be honest I've kind of put the house on the back burner.  Don't get me wrong its still buzzing away there at the back of my mind, mostly to do with the kitchen and my indecisiveness over what colour I want and how many drawer banks etc, etc..  {Just incase your wondering I'm still undecided}.

Obtaining quotes for tiling & carpets and 'thinking' about obtaining quotes for driveways and landscaping, sometimes its just easier to live on pinterest and houzz and keep dreaming - making the dream a reality can really be a right pain in the a**e.. I'm beginning to see the value in Interior Designers.

However the only interior designers I have access to come in the form of magazines, and the internet so I will continue with the dream until I have some progress to report with the build.

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