Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Flooring - To screed or not to screed?

A while back I wrote this blog about flooring, most of the answers (that I know) about flooring is in that post. 

As I mentioned back then, we opted to screed.  I continued deliberating over this for ages even after I wrote that post.  I even spoke to my site supervisor and asked him for his professional opinion.  He informed me that MDJ don't screed that the glue is usually fine.  The word 'usually' didn't sit too well with me.  I get it, they don't screed and 90% of the time its fine, but in my scenario its not like I could call the builder back up and say "tile is broken, come and fix it" my tiles aren't the builder's problem because we are doing them after handover.

I did speak with a few more independent tilers regarding this and they all seemed to reach the same conclusion.  I was laying 600mm x 600mm tiles and I was adamant I wanted a 1.5mm grout.  If I had gone with a 3mm grout I could probably have saved myself the $$$ by avoiding the screeding but I knew I wanted the 1.5mm and they all advised me to do the screeding.  So we screeded.


I'm so excited looking at the house with just the screeding, can you imagine how excited I'll be when they actually lay some tiles...

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