Sunday, 16 February 2014

Photo Update...

Well finally, as promised, I have some photo's for you.  Hubby had a site visit the other day and snapped some on his phone (sorry if the quality isn't fantastic)...

It's all coming along very nicely and I'm patiently waiting for someone to tell me I can move in... yes I'm still patient (only because I can't be bothered packing up the house at the moment), its a bit like being pregnant, I'm waiting for the nesting to kick in THEN I'll start packing...

In the meantime... 

Come on in, excuse the mess...


I love the hallway, the picture niche at the bottom is screaming out for some artwork... the problem is the choices are endless and I can't decide on anything

Kid's Bathroom & Master Bathroom

How dirty is that floor - scandalous.. 

As you can see not much differs between the bathrooms, we kept the colour schemes exactly the same


Not sure I'll ever love laundry, but it will be a heck more pleasant doing it in here.

Lounge Room

Fire is still a work in progress, hopefully they will finish that some time next week.  
Shelving etc will be installed after handover.

Media Room

Sorry - I have nothing, I thought for sure he'd take pics of the media, but nada ~ next time


calm my beating heart - I am in love... 

Can't wait until it is cleaned up and finished

Cannot wait to fill this baby up... my organising brain is in overdrive


Ignore my beat up fence, it will be replaced after handover when we tackle the landscaping

Till next time
Ms Betsy xo


  1. Hi Betsy, the house looks gorgeous. Congrats!! Whats the colour of the front door staining...its stunning!!!

    1. Hi, I think its called Painter's Mix. There is only 2 colours when you do the stain, dark or light, this is the dark one.

  2. It's looking beautiful Betsy! Love the kitchen colours and I realy like the laundry! Who would have thought doing the washing could be so appealing :)

    1. Thanks Chesterfield, that laundry has been a long time coming trust me.. your house if also plodding along. I checked the timescale thing for you, as far as I can tell I think all the inspections are the only things that holds things up in the end. You might get your April entry after all. Good Luck

  3. Looks great I am so excited for you, not long to go for you now.
    We are sitting in council at the moment so hopefully we will be starting in the next couple of months. Cant wait to see the end result.
    Ally :)

    1. Good Luck with Council Alice, hopefully they won't give you any trouble. I'll be keeping an eye on your house to see when things start to happen, very excited for you.

  4. Woo hoo, looking awesome!!!!! I love your bricks, still trying to decide on mine. I noticed you have a smaller 3 in 1 heater in your ensuite. I didnt see that in the red book, hope I can get that one. So jealous of your fireplace. Cant wait to see more in the coming weeks!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, unfortunately our bricks have been discontinued. Yep we were going with the larger 3 in1 units, but they advised us to go with the smaller saying they were more than enough for the space - so we did... hopefully that advice will be right.

  5. Your house is looking fantastic! Can I ask if you got the wine rack above the fridge through MJH and if so how much?

  6. hi Betsy, The house look good!!!. If you don't mind my asking how much did it cost to get the cupboards, bench and floor cupboards in the laundry. Thanks!! :)

    1. Hi I don't like to talk $ on the blog. If you like you can PM me from Homeone and I'll respond to you that way. Cheers

  7. Hi betsy,
    how is it all going? hope all is going well, looking forward to your next update
    Ally x