Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone, yes I'm a little late coming to the party, but I've been in full blown holiday mode.  Work at the house has been very minimal, only a little bit of action getting the cornices installed by a tradie who was heading off on holiday so he worked over the break so that we wouldn't be held up {thank you}.  

It has been a welcome break not having to 'think' about the house, but my brain is slowly turning back to it.  I've been driving past wondering when the official 'break' will be over and work will recommence.  I was speaking with a MDJ staff member today and we mentioned that our contract date was in March, he said we might be lucky enough to get in by mid February - for the love of god I nearly died hearing those words.

Don't get me wrong I want my house, but mid February puts my little organising self into a panic.  I still have all the boxes that I packed up to sort out (when I moved out of the house) still all taped up and to be sorted.  I want to purge at least 30% (preferably 50%) of the 'stuff' that came out of that house, before I move back to the new one.  I guess that means that every spare minute I have in the beginning of 2014 will find me trawling through boxes and boxes of 'stuff'.  

Update on house

I was a bit slack before Christmas and didn't update my blog, you can blame Santa, he had me running all over the place looking for presents.  

We are officially locked up.  It started with a front door...

and then a garage door...

and we are officially locked up.  There is a laundry door too, but I haven't got a photo of that yet.

I think I'm in love with that garage door, she's gorgeous!

Welcome to the New Year, if your building I hope all is going well and work recommences soon.  If your thinking about building ~ go for it (and go and see McDonald Jones).  Here is to a wonderful 2014 and to many houses being built and homes being made.

Betsy xo

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