Saturday, 19 October 2013

A brick is not just a brick....

I'm back to viewing bricks and I'm quickly reminded about how much of a headache this was the first time around.

Bricks are a sh!t aren't they ~ they change colour with the wind, the sun, the grout, the shadow - some are nicer than others, some have spots and flecks but not all of them, you can pick up 10 of the same brick and some will be fleckly and some will be gorgeous, some will chip easy, etc, etc, and the list goes on....

This is the time when my respect for artists and designers goes out of the stratosphere.  These people have keen trained eyes when it comes to colour.  I had no idea about all of this prior to building a house.  In the good old days white was white, brown was brown and I lived in a shade free world.

Now I live in a world where brown is brown until you stand it next to some other colour and that brings out the yellow tones and the green tones, but if you match it with this it brings out the gorgeous grey tones ~ well slap me happy who knows this stuff!!!!

Then we have texture, shine, spongyness, what a MOFO this is turning out to be.  I'm half tempted to put 10 bricks in a bucket and pick one out and say - that's the one, but I know I'll only live in regret.

I also have the people who like to remind me - a brick is a brick just pick one... yeah well I know a brick is a brick and I'm sure when you work on building sites and see houses being built every other day that its all in a days work.  However, this house to me is blood, sweat and tears - and I'm the one that will drive up the driveway everyday for the next 30 years while paying for these bricks and if I hate them that will piss me right off.

Yes I'm having a ranty. 

I'm going to look at my brick selections again today at 4pm, by that time the sun will be coming from hopefully a good angle, it won't rain on my parade, the colours will aline and all will be go well and a brick will be chosen - AND - my drama will be over.

Anyone else having a brick week??

I write my blog tongue in cheek.  I hope to pass on information but sometimes I just like to vent out the good and the bad.  However, in light of the current bushfire activities I'd like to note that even though there is a smidgion of annoyance regarding my bricks, I know they aren't a big deal in the grand scheme of things.  My hopes and prayers go out to the families, communities and firefighters who are suffering during this time.
Much love
Ms Betsy xo


  1. We got our silver brick today to put all our paper work in lol, we are very excited we even got a discount which we will use towards our aircon upgrade ;)

  2. Congrats Alice, that is great news. Exciting times ahead.

  3. I just had a look at your selections... I am sure that your brick was a new colour in the everyday life range! We picked the brown everyday life brick- do you know if that's been discontinued too? I think bricks are important too- I probably couldn't have cared before we decided to build though. I hope you find something you like :)

    1. Hi I have no idea about the everyday brown, but you can call Austral and ask.