Monday, 30 September 2013

Saturday Slab

The difference a few days can make.

Friday all the prep work was done and dusted...

Saturday saw a lot of activity on the good ol' block.  A team of strapping young men turned up with their trucks and tools and got to work ~ good old fashioned style.  Rolled up their sleeves, in some cases stripped to the waist and layed a slab.

Working hard..

Love a smooth surface

Drop Edge Beam
Would you look at that Drop Edge Beam, now I have all this soil to get rid of.

Back View
Front View

Yep, as far as slabs go, I think its looking good.  The guys worked hard all day and it was hot, they put up with us spectators as we stopped to watch and the kids took photo's.  It was all very exciting for us and another day in the office for them, but we are very appreciative of their hard work.

Keep up the great work MDJ.

[apologies for quality of photos, I do have better ones I'll replace them when I get a chance]

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