Saturday, 24 August 2013

Little bits of red wood...

I've been driving by my lot of land every day and yesterday morning I decided to give it a miss. 

Last night I went to see a late movie with my son - Mortal Instruments, City of Bones.  Go see it, its great - seriously... but I recommend you read the books first.  That is how my kid earns movies.  If he's read the book he gets the ticket..

Anyway I'm getting off topic.

On the way to the movies I decided to drive by the lot - IN THE PITCH DARK!

And of course we have progress... well a little bit.

What are those 4 little bits of wood on each corner of my lot?... here's one.

Yes I know, how exciting can a little stick of red wood be?

Now I've had over 3,000 visitors to this site, and a warm welcome to my readers from America and Russia - but can anyone tell me what these little red bits of wood are for?

I have them on each corner of the lot.  Someone please enlighten me?


  1. They are pegs are for the building envelope, they will excavate the block to make it level inside of those pegs.. We had to wait 20 days once the pegs were put in. Now everything gets exciting. Good luck

    1. Thanks for that, I was still trying to find out. I'm actually starting to get excited about it all again, my head is switching back to build mode..

  2. Our pegs went in and they excavated within a week. Good luck enjoy your build.

    Have they given you a completion date yet?

    1. No, no completion date as yet. Our CLO has mentioned March 2014 but I think that is worse case scenario. We were supposed to be done by Christmas but thanks to delays from Council our timeline blew out :-(

      I just want things to start happening.. I'm sure everyone feels like that.