Sunday, 31 March 2013

I got a bin...

Sorry I've been AWOL, life is fairly hectic around here.

We finally did our colour selections - I was dreading the day soooo much - BUT - I loved it.

Our Colour Consultant/Interior Designer was F A B U L O U S... I had 100% confidence in her and took great advantage of her experience and expertise.

Word of advice to anyone heading into their colour selections, if there is a slight possibility that you will be doing your own flooring - take a sample of your tile/floor boards/carpet ~ whatever, with you.  We had chosen a tile that we liked if we didn't end up liking what MCDJ had, and we took that with us 'just incase'.

Thank god we did because we decided to go with that tile and the rest of our selections was built up from that.  We actually took two tiles and sat them side by side, as the rest of our colours started to come together we could see exactly which one of the two tiles we had to go with (and surprise surprise it wasn't the one I thought we would go for).  I found myself in this situation a couple of times, some items that I had my heart set on, once I teamed it with something else, it brought out different tones and colours and I had to change them.  With that in mind, I would say as a word of advice ~ don't get stubborn when it comes to your choices, be open to change, listen to the designers and really consider the options, some you may genuinely hate but I found a lot of her suggestions made sense and really brought  the whole design together.

So what did we do?

Well you can see our colours under the colour selection tab here but in addition to colours we had a few upgrades ~ here is what we upgraded.


  • Door handles, we upgraded all the internal door handles;
  • Deadlocks - they are a necessary evil;
  • Front Door - bigger & wider;
  • Laundry Door - I put a venetian door in the laundry;
  • We upgraded the internal garage door to an external grade door;
  • Porcelain tiles to all wet areas;
  • Fly screens and doors to whole house (I'm considering deleting this and doing it after handover);
  • Airconditioner - upgraded to Actron 4 zone.

  • 2 x drawer banks on either side of cooker;
  • Range hood vented externally;
  • Soft close drawers and doors;
  • Overhead cupboard finishes (silk finish)
  • Pantry doors - Lin 1 doors;
  • Pantry door handles;
  • Stone bench top to 40mm;
  • Upgraded the glass splashback to a higher grade glass splashback;
  • Underbench fitted bin - yeahhhhhh I GOT A BIN (you have no idea how amazing this is, after years of plastic bag bins hanging off cupboard door)

Media Room
  • Lin 1 cavity doors to entrance;

Laundry Room
  • I fully fitted out the laundry room in a design of my own.

Family Room

  • Added an extra shelf in all the kids wardrobes (we have 2.7m ceilings so there was plenty of space above the shelving for an additional shelf).

  • We changed the sinks in all the bathrooms and we changed the tapware;
  • Added pop up plugs to all the sinks;
  • Upgraded the shower surround to silver;
  • Upgraded the actual shower head thingy (yes that is the technical term);
  • Added a bank of drawers to the vanity in the ensuite;
  • Added a second sink to the bathroom (for the kids)
  • Put in shower recesses to both showers

In addition to the selections on the day we also increased the heights of all of our internal doors and stacker doors to the higher doors as we have the 2.7m ceiling and we deleted the drop ceiling to the kitchen area...

... and I think that was it.

Bring on the electrical appointment!

Did anyone else love the colour appointment as much as I did?


  1. Hey just had a look at your colours... They look so good. I loved my colours appointment so much. Can't wait to see it all together. We won't start building til sept at the earliest so unfortunately still a while to wait!

  2. Also, that's great about the bin... Definitely worth it!

    1. Thanks Anonymous - we are currently looking for a rental and I'm beginning to ask myself why I'm doing this - I just need to keep telling myself that it will be worth it - now I just have to get out of the house so I can knock it down...

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    3. Hi, I'm no longer anonymous.. Just started a blog. It will definitely all be worth it

  3. Hi Betsy,
    I've given you a Liebster Award. You can read about it at this post on my blog.